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Folksafe FS-6001P VGA Extender Over UTP CAT 5E/6 Up To 1080P Resolution

Folksafe FS-6001P VGA Extender Over UTP CAT 5E/6 Up To 1080P Resolution
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•1-CH Passive VGA Balun
• No need power supply
• Eliminates COAX or other cabling
• Supported PC resolutions; VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and WXGA
• Transmits VGA (640x480) Video up to 300ft. over a single UTP CAT5e/6 cable.
• Eliminates costly and bulky VGA cable
• Used in pairs, the VGA Balun allows VGA video to be transmitted up to 107m at 800*600 resolution via UTP cat5e/6
• Use existing structured cabling system
• No need power supply
• Save conduit space
• Eliminates costly and bulky VGA cable
• Ultra compact size for installation versatility.
• Carry Video from Desktop or Laptop PC or other VGA sources to remote, displays or distribution locations utilizing cost effective CAT5 cable
• Allows a simple and cost effective solution for meeting rooms, classrooms, digital signage and other presentations


Quick Setup Guide
Plug your VGA cable coming from your PC into the Transmit Baluns HD15 connector. Secure the cables using the lock down screws. Make a similar connection between the Receive Baluns HD15 connector and your display. Insert the CAT5 cable into both ends of the Baluns. You may use standard EIA 568A/B termination.

NOTE: Baluns are interchangeable for transmit or receive functions.

Technical Specifications
Signal: VGA, VESA VP&D 1.0, VIP ver 2.0
Bandwidth: DC to 60 MHz
Maximum Distance*:
VGA:  (640 x 480)  600ft.
SVGA : (800 x 600)  400ft.
XGA :  (1024x768)  350ft.
WXGA : (1280x768)  250ft.
SXGA : (1280x1024)  250ft.
UXGA : (1600x1200)  200ft.
WUXGA: (1920x1200)  200ft.
(*Longer distances are possible but best quality is attained at shorter distances)
Maximum Video Input Level: 1.1Vp-p
Insertion Loss per Pair of Baluns: Less than 3dB over frequency range.

Video Impedance:
Input: RGB 75��(HD15) Unbalanced.
Output: RGB 100�� (RJ45 shielded) Balanced
Cable (UTP): CAT5e/6 24 Gauge or lower solid copper twisted pair.
Connectors: One (1) VGA (HD15) Female for Video, One (1) RJ45 jack
RJ45 Pinout:
Pin #1 = Blue +
Pin #2 = Blue -
Pin #3 = V Sync    
Pin #4 = Green
Pin #5 = Green -
Pin #6 = H Sync
Pin #7 = Red +
Pin #8 = Red
Compatibility: Does not support VGA handshaking (DDC) information.

Dimensions: 65*55*25mm
Weight: 80g
Enclosure: ABS engineering plastic

Accessories: VGA cable

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