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Folksafe FS-PD1001-E10 POE Splitter Converter Extender

Folksafe FS-PD1001-E10 POE Splitter Converter Extender
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FS-PD1001-E10 is a kind of PD Splitter (also called POE Splitter), supports IEEE802.3af standard; supplies power and transmits data to devices which do not support POE power supply (such as IP camera); The product uses the transformer for isolation design, which gives you more stable, more secure and Well-protects the powered products ,Bandwidth is 10/100M. Mid-Span (No.4&5and 7&8 cables supply power) and End-Span (No.1&2 and 3&6 cables supply power) connections are well supported. Output voltage is 12V, maximum current is 1.08A. Some HD digital cameras do not have POE module which leads to the inconvenience and difficulty on installation. However, this device can solve the problem of wiring. Connect POE switch with PD Splitter, people can realize the power supply and data transmission of IP camera directly and timely.


• Convert Non-POE Cameras into POE Cameras
• Bandwidth: 10/100M
• nput Voltage: 37-57V
• 1 Channel 
• Output Voltage: 12V
• Output current: 1.08A (Max)
• Standard: Supports IEEE802.3af
• Isolation protection: Using the transformer for isolation design, more stable, more secure
• Protection function: Overheating protection, Short circuit protection, overvoltage and overload protection


Such as equipment malfunction, according to the following way
1) Confirm whether equipment is installed as the manufacturer's installation requirements;
2) Confirm whether RJ45 cable contacted well, make sure no break, whether line order production complies with the EIA/TIA568A or 568B international standards;
3) Confirm the working power of device is less than PD Splitter's max output power 12W.
4) Confirm whether PoE device can work normally. Use normal PD device to test if the PoE power supply works.
5) Use a set of normal work FS-PD1001-E10 device to replace the broken device, by which to examine whether the equipment damage.
6) If still cannot troubleshooting, please contact with the manufacturer.

Making methods of RJ45 connector
Required tools: wire crimpers, network cable tester.
1) The wire sequence of RJ45l connector must complies with international standard of EIA/TIA 568A or EIA/TIA 568B.
2) Strip about 2cm's of insulating jacket to let 4 pairs UTP can be seen.
3) Separate 4 pairs UTP cable, and try to straighten each pair.
4) Arrange 8 cables with correct line sequence of EIA/TIA 568A or EIA/TIA 568B.
5) Cut thread residue and leave 1.5cm wire which exposed outside the insulating layer, and ensure 8 wires are straight and neat.
6) Put 8 wires in RJ 45 connector, then press with wire crimpers.
7) Repeat above five steps , make the other side of UTP cable; Then using the cable tester to test whether the cat5e/6 works normally.



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